Get Uncomfortable

I hate getting out of my comfort zone.

It’s hard for me to engage strangers, speak up in front of a group and sometimes even make eye contact with people. When faced with the potential for an uncomfortable situation, many of us tend to hold back and maintain the feeling of safety instead of facing our fears.

But where does that get you?¬†Absolutely nowhere. So it’s time to get uncomfortable.

If I think back on all my accomplishments and grand experiences, they all caused me to get uncomfortable, at least at some point. From changing jobs to traveling around the country for work, I’ve had a lot of instances where I had to get uncomfortable to get what I ultimately wanted. This is not to say that you can’t accomplish anything by staying in your comfort zone, but if you can have success by playing it safe, imagine the possibilities of doing things that you’re afraid to do in the workplace or along your career path.

I’m reminded of the phrase that¬†uses, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Thinking about what you would do and even compiling a list is a good inspiration for making you get uncomfortable more often.

It’s not easy to do, but you can make the conscious choice to get uncomfortable on a daily basis. Then after a while, what you thought you were afraid of won’t seem so scary anymore.

What makes you uncomfortable?

5 thoughts on “Get Uncomfortable

  1. Thanks, Lindsay. Ann Handley also wrote well about this topic last September (“Follow the Fear” on

  2. Anyone who studies change theory or factors that contribute to a plan being successful, all point to that feeling of being “uncomfortable” as either a motivator or a hindrance when it comes to attaining your ultimate goal. Far too many people rely on “it’s uncomfortable” as their rationalization for not attempting to move forward. With any effective change comes feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Embrace these motivators, and take on the next challenge. You will never regret it!

    Uncle Dave

  3. The more you do things that are uncomfortable the more they become comfortable. Great advice as always. I always approach uncomfortable situations as challenges. Challenges keep you vital and alive. Always embrace the opportunities to challenge yourself.

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