10 Ways Your Partner Can Make You Successful

On a night out with your friends, what are the two things that always come up?

Relationships and work.

Why? Because finding the right person is just as important as finding the right job, and obtaining both is how most of us define our personal happiness and success.

However, just because you have both doesn’t mean you’re set. In fact, a supportive partner can be the single most important factor in achieving career success and happiness. In a 2012 study, Wayne Hochwarter, the Jim Moran Professor of Business Administration at Florida State University College of Business, found that lack of spousal support can lead to both divorce and career derailment.

In contrast, the study, which included 400 couples in blue and white collar jobs, also uncovered that good spousal support led to 50 percent higher satisfaction in a marriage, improved co-worker relationships and increased concentration at work. Hochwarter also found that spousal support is linked to 20 percent higher job satisfaction and perception that your career is moving in a positive direction.

Although these findings are geared toward married couples, support from any type of partner is essential, whether boyfriend, girlfriend or life partner. But what does ‘support’ entail? From what I’ve seen and experienced, I think a supportive partner has 10 essential qualities.

In order to rise in your career, you need to have a fully supportive partner who does all of the following;

  1. Shows interest in where you are now and where you are heading in your career,
  2. Isn’t intimidated by your success, or tries to rival it,
  3. Genuinely happy for you when you hit career milestones,
  4. Champions you and shares your success with others,
  5. Understands short-term sacrifices you make to meet long-term goals,
  6. Listens to your fears, challenges and concerns, and helps you overcome them,
  7. Helps with some of your personal responsibilities when your professional life gets too demanding,
  8. Is there for you when you need them most,
  9. Respects you as a professional, and
  10. Encourages you to pursue your dreams and helps you do so in any way they can.

Without a supportive partner, you may find yourself feeling unfulfilled, even if you have a job and a relationship. So when trying to rise in your career, look to your partner and see if they provide you with the support you need to be happy and successful.

What other ways do you think a partner helps you be successful?

4 thoughts to “10 Ways Your Partner Can Make You Successful”

  1. Right on! I feel I have had a successful career and business because my husband has been a positive support system. Encouraging me forward, respecting me and my work, and always wanting me to follow my dreams! Cheers to a wonderful partnership.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. One of my biggest concerns when I was a young professional was having a supportive partner that would actually help me succeed. I feel that I found that partner and owe so much of my success because of her support over my entire career. Perhaps the most important way my partner (wife) helps me to be successful is by simply loving and believing in me.

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