Be Your Own Advocate

We all want an advocate.

Someone who will share with others how great we are, defend and fight for us and who knows what we’re capable of. Many of us look to others to provide this kind of support for us in our career, but when it comes down to it; you are the best person to advocate for yourself and ensure you get what you deserve.

While a great mentor or professional network can be extremely beneficial to your career, if you always look to them as your advocate instead of also relying on yourself, you can actually hurt your career.

Picture this; you have a manager who can’t stop talking about how awesome you are and thinks you have a bright future ahead for you. While this great and will help when you negotiate for a raise or promotion, if you can’t also explain why you’re valuable and have potential, then you may find yourself not getting what you deserve.

In another scenario;¬†while job hunting, you find a position that’s a perfect fit for you, and you have a reference who can speak to why you’re a great hire. But when it comes time for an interview, you have a hard time explaining why you’re the right candidate for the job, which can cost you a killer career opportunity.

In essence, don’t always rely on others to stand up for you. Learn to advocate for yourself in a negotiation, a job interview or in a networking situation. Then if you have other advocates for your work and potential, it will make you look even better.

Don’t count on others to advance your career; be your own advocate by speaking to your value, being confident in your skills and believing in your potential.

Do you advocate for yourself?

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