Get Ahead During Your Lunch Hour

It’s noon in San Francisco’s financial district. photo 3

The streets that were previously empty moments before are now filled with fast-walking professionals, trying to make the most out of their limited lunch hour.

A group of coworkers chat about an upcoming project in line at a popular French cafe. A pair of professionals discuss their startups’ growth strategy over kale salads at a sunny sidewalk table. A tall man in a fresh pressed suit takes a business call as he walks down Mission Street on his way to a lunch meeting.

In essence, the San Francisco lunch hour is just another opportunity to get work done and get ahead. It seems that everyone is on a mission to grow something, be innovative or advance in their career, and that kind of ambition is contagious. When I leave the office solo or to meet up with someone for lunch, by exposing myself to new people and conversations, I often return feeling energized with new ideas about how to approach my current work and advance my 1

Even though San Francisco is a great place to gather fresh ideas and meet innovative people, you don’t have to be in a busy city to get ahead. Any professional from any city can get inspired and advance their career by simply getting out and being around or speaking with other ambitious pros.

As hard as it may be to get out during your lunch hour, try doing it at least once a week and think of it as your time to get ahead. Set a lunch date with a coworker or mentor and talk about some career challenges and goals. Take a walk or go to lunch on your own and observe conversations between professionals in all different industries and professions. Call up your old boss or references and catch up with them to nurture those relationships while you’re out and about.

By getting out during your lunch hour, you give yourself the chance to come in contact with others who can give you a renewed sense of purpose and help you get ahead in your career.

Have you been inspired by getting out of the office?

5 thoughts on “Get Ahead During Your Lunch Hour

  1. Yes, I agree, getting out and having lunch in your community, can result in renewed connections. Recently I was out having lunch with a friend and ran into an client, who I have not seen in a long time. This reunion resulted in new business for my company.
    It was a very profitable lunch hour!

    1. That is a great story and just another example of how getting out of the office can be good for you and your business. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You made me realize that I have to stop eating my lunch at my desk while working. I need to get out more. Who knows, it might inspire me to do even more when I get back to the office.

    1. It’s hard to do, but can provide some great benefits. My advice is to pick a day every week that you commit to getting out for lunch. My day is Fridays. Good luck!

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