What Happens After You Get Promoted

I got a promotion for the first time in my career this month.

After working really hard in a completely new role and company for the past 10 months, I was promoted to a senior account executive at MSLGROUP.

Although I was excited and it was great knowing that my company recognizes my work and value, getting a promotion also felt daunting. After the initial excitement wore off, my title changed on my e-mail signature and my bank account got a bump, the reality set in; I need to prove I can handle my new role.

It’s scary, feeling like you have to start all over, proving yourself in a new position and taking on more responsibility. I worried about this for a few days, but after working for a week after my promotion I realized I was already doing the work of the role I was promoted into all along. It was such a relief to have the pressure off, but then I had a new thought, ‘What happens now?’

The answer was simple; start learning how to do the job of the title above you and keep up the good work in your current role. This way you continue to prove your value and also show managers and colleagues your potential.

What happened after you got promoted?

6 thoughts to “What Happens After You Get Promoted”

  1. Lindsay, We are so proud of you! I say be like a sponge soak up everything you can.
    Show them that you are worth every penny. Make lots of money so you can take care
    of your Mom & Me when we get old. Ha! Ha! Love you very much!

    Aunt Patsy

  2. Way to go Lindsay. I always knew you would fulfill your highest expectations and be fully appreciated where
    ver you work. warmly,paula

  3. Congrats!!! Yeah promotions can be scary from the perspective of having to live/fess up to our new position and not disappoint. I like your evaluation of learning or understanding the job above you before you are promoted. Great strategy. I know when I was promoted in the past that I, like you, were already doing the job that I was being promoted to. But even if I didn’t know the new job I would have worked overtime on my own dime to learn it as quick as possible. It’s just what I do and who I am. Thanks again for your perspective and another great blog article!

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