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Make it a ‘Happy’ New Year

Last year, I made two types of New Years’ resolutions.

In the final days of 2014, I'm already smiling more!
In the final days of 2014, I’m already smiling more!

I had multiple yearly goals for both my personal and professional life.┬áThis year, I’m doing the same thing, but I have just one resolution for both; smile more.

Throughout the week, I catch myself sporting a deadpan look on my face all the time. I do it while I’m working, commuting, cooking and exercising, among other activities. It probably makes me seem like I’m annoyed or indifferent, and my guess is that it doesn’t make my life┬ámore enjoyable.

So this year, I pledge to smile more. In meetings, when I write, while walking, doing chores or traveling to work. There is no reason to look so serious all the time.
As I tackle this resolution, I’m also excited to see the effect it will have on others. For instance, when you smile at someone, whether a stranger, coworker or loved one, they can’t help but smile back (most of the time). You can have a positive effect on others just by simply smiling more yourself. Sometimes a kind gesture is all you need to turn someone’s day around or make a situation more enjoyable for yourself.

This year, I’m smiling more at work and at home. My hope is to not only make every mundane situation more enjoyable, but also make other people’s lives a little bit brighter too.

What’s your resolution for 2015?

2 thoughts to “Make it a ‘Happy’ New Year”

  1. Great resolution. Can you image what a world it would be if everyone had this same resolution? The Power of a Smile….It not only improves your looks by 100% but it makes you feel better at the same time, not to mention the health benefits. That’s right, health benefits of that smile on your face. A smile can help reduce stress and give you a more positive outlook. Stress and a negative attitude can lead to all sorts of problems. And if you don’t believe me then just Google Stress related health issues. A smile makes you more approachable which can lead to more friends, more confidence and more success in business. Let’s all try to smile more and see what happens in the new year.

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