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How to Leave a Job with Grace

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last day at MSLGROUP (If you haven’t heard, I’ve taken a job at Salesforce).

Making a career change is exciting and emotional. It’s also very easy to mentally ‘check out’ of your current job and put all your energy toward the prospect of a new one. But just because you’re moving on doesn’t mean you should slack off.

I will admit, as soon as I gave notice I starting feeling detached from my work. However, I made a conscious effort to make a graceful exit so I could keep my relationships and reputation intact.

To ensure you leave a positive, lasting impression on your company, here are a few simple ways you can leave a job with grace:

  • Develop solid handoff documents: Some companies require employees to develop handoff documents when they leave, other don’t. But regardless of what’s required, you should always develop them. Giving your colleagues a clear guide to what you’ve been working on and next steps will make them respect you even more and show them that you’re a true professional. Even if you don’t think your company or colleagues deserve a handoff document, don’t burn any bridges on the way out. Give them something to work from after you leave.
  • Send thank you notes: If you’ve worked somewhere for at least a few months, chances are you’ve probably had a boss or colleague you really admire or like working with. Make sure you tell them how much they mean to you in writing. Sending a personalized e-mail or letter to a manager or coworker is a great way to cement your existing relationships and share how much they mean to you and your career.
  • Always say goodbye: When your last day finally comes, don’t slink out of the office. Make an effort to say goodbye to your colleagues in person. If you’re remote, send out a mass e-mail and/or pick up the phone. Saying goodbye is a simple way to leave a good impression on your way out the door.

How else can you leave a job with grace?

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