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Stop Saying ‘Sorry’ at Work

“I’m sorry, can I have a minute of your time?’

‘Sorry, can you repeat that?’

‘Can I sit here? Sorry!’

Sound familiar?

I’ve been hearing the word ‘sorry’ a lot lately, from both men and women, and it’s been making me wonder; why is everyone apologizing so much?

I think most of us are saying ‘sorry’ without realizing it, it’s a default response. But this simple word we throw around like it makes us look good is actually hurting us.

Comedian Amy Schumer even made fun of how women specifically over-apologize in her sketch, “I’m Sorry.” Although funny, it’s also a little scary how close it is to the truth.

Constantly apologizing doesn’t make you look or feel good at work.

You may be thinking, ‘I don’t care what others think of me,’ but if you constantly come off as timid rather than confident, your boss is going to notice. As a result, you may not get the responsibility you want because to them it looks like you aren’t confident in yourself.

Saying ‘sorry’ also doesn’t make you feel good.

Whenever I apologize for something unnecessarily, I instantly feel submissive and like I’m taking up space. It isn’t good for your self-esteem or career if you constantly feel like this. You should be using words that help you feel more confident, not less.

So what should you say instead? It’s simple; drop the ‘sorry’ off your sentence.

Believe me, no one will miss it.

You can say each of the statements at the top of this post without apologizing and no one will think twice (try it).

You shouldn’t have to apologize for going about your day. Save ‘I’m sorry’ for when you actually need to use it.

Do you say ‘I’m sorry’ too much?

2 thoughts to “Stop Saying ‘Sorry’ at Work”

  1. Thanks for the wake up call. I’m guilty of over using “Sorry” and will now be more conscious of when I use it and saving it for occasions when I am and/or need to be truly sorry. You make some excellent points. Thanks!

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