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Top 5 Rising Pro Posts of 2015

I can’t believe 2015 is almost over!

A lot has happened this year and I hope you’ve enjoyed my advice and experiences over the past 12 months. Every year I like to take a look back at my posts and see which ones you enjoyed the most.

It’s no a surprise two of the five most read posts are profiles on rising pros who were kind enough to share their personal journeys and helpful career advice with us. I’ll make sure to keep profiling folks in 2016. Feel free to e-mail me if you know someone who would make an interesting profile (even if it’s you).

Ok, the wait is over. Below are the top five posts of 2015, in order of popularity:

  1. Rising PROfile: Appstem CEO Robert Armstrong
  2. Goodbye MSLGROUP, Hello Salesforce
  3. Three Thoughts from Joe Garvey
  4. Stop Saying ‘Sorry’ at Work
  5. How to Leave a Job with Grace

What was your favorite Rising Pro post in 2015?

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