Millennials: Take Your Time Getting to the Top

As a kid, I always wanted to cut corners and go straight to the top.

For instance, when I would think about my career, I wanted to start out as the manager or boss. I didn’t want to do my time and work my way up to that point, I just wanted to be at the top – my parents can attest to this.

Side story: When my dad first asked me what kind of car I wanted, I replied ‘A limo.’

He asked me, ‘You want to drive a limo?’ And I quickly said, ‘No, I want someone to drive me.’

That makes me sound like a total brat, but I’m happy to report I don’t get driven around in a limo. I actually don’t even have a car.

The point is that I didn’t want to put in the work, I just wanted to automatically be the boss and get driven around.

But that’s not usually how things work.

You have to get the experience you need before you can get to the top, or else you won’t know what the hell you’re doing when you get there.

Millennials like myself are arguably the most entitled, lazy and self-centered generation to date. It’s sad to say, but I do see a lot of my peers thinking they deserve things they haven’t even worked for.

I’m no exception, especially since I’m both a millennial AND an only child. I have to constantly humble and remind myself that growing your career takes time, hard work and a lot of experience.

Many millennials are all about instant gratification, and you can definitely advance faster than others if you put in the work, but it’s important to make sure it’s not too fast. Take the time to understand what it means to be on top, what will be expected from you and how you can make a difference once you’re there.

Just remember; no one owes you anything. If you want to be on top, climb up with your own two hands, rather than taking a helicopter.

It’s not going to be as easy, but putting in the work, falling a few times and being a little patient will make getting to the top all the more rewarding, and better yet, you’ll be ready.

Do you think Millennials should take their time?

One thought to “Millennials: Take Your Time Getting to the Top”

  1. Love your article! This generation of kids think they are entitled and don’t want to put the effort or time in.
    I see it every day with my friends grand kids. You try to show kids that working for something will make you
    appreciate it more in the end but they want it now with no strings attached. I’m proud to say we taught our sons
    about hard work and discipline and now they are both very successful and loving young men. You are a great
    example of hard work and patients and look where you are today! Keep up the good work!

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