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After years of sharing career advice online with Rising Pro, I’ve finally decided to share my advice offline as well.

I’m doing this by volunteering with Dress for Success San Francisco, a non-profit that provides a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and life.

I’ve been eyeing this organization for over a year now and finally decided it was the right time to get out of my comfort zone and share my career advice/experiences with people face to face. Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.31.49 PM

Wasting no time at all, I volunteered to be a guest speaker at the organization’s Professional Women’s Group, which gathers once a month to share career advancement opportunities. I delivered a presentation on How to Advance Your Career In and Outside the Workplace (pictured on right).

I’ll admit I was nervous to share my advice.

I didn’t know if I would be able to relate to these women who are 10-20 years my senior and have experienced many more barriers and hardships in their lives.

However, I was met with acceptance and appreciation by this amazing group and many came up to thank me afterwards, wanting to stay in touch. It felt great and I asked myself why I hadn’t done something like this sooner.

Later that week, still feeling invigorated, I decided to give more. I signed up to be a career mentor, where you meet with a woman 1:1 to help with their resume, interview prep or offer career advice.

I had two appointments and went in determined to inspire them. But what I didn’t expect was how much they would inspired me.

These women had each been through so much in their lives, both personally and professionally. However, they were still determined to overcome their challenges, grow and succeed in their careers. As a result, they were incredibly open to my advice and proactive about how they wanted to stay in touch.

After my sessions, I felt so much more informed about the struggles women are experiencing in today’s workforce, especially when it comes to gender, age and disabilities. This made me reflect on what I know regarding these topics and what these women and others may be interested in receiving guidance on.

After a full week of speaking, mentoring and learning, I’m excited to give better help online and offline by getting inspired by these amazing women and all my readers in the coming months.

6 thoughts on “Get Inspired to Give Better Help

  1. You inspire me. To give of yourself and truly want to help others is a gift. There are way more takers than givers in this world but the world is better because of young ladies like you. Thanks for your blog and all your unselfish advice. I know your readers are listening even if they don’t comment. I would have loved to see you in action at the Professional Women’s Group event but I’m a guy. Keep up the amazing blog posts!

  2. We are so proud of you. It is a good feeling to give of yourself to help other women who are struggling to become
    successful in their careers and lives. I wish more people would give of themselves . What a wonderful world
    we would have. We love helping young people succeed either in school, sports or their careers. It’s the best
    feeling in the world!

  3. Congratulations on helping woman discover their possibilities, thru support and dialogue.
    Loved this Blog!
    Heidi Casale

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