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Rising PROfile: Cady Marsh Gets Social

Have you ever thought, ‘If only I could get paid to manage all my social media accounts!’ That’s something Cady Marsh will never have to wonder about. Cady Headshot

Cady, a Dominican University alumni and Bay Area local, is a social media insurance specialist at CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer, whose love for connecting people online helped her land a job in social media.

“I make insurance fun every day! I support our AAA Partner Clubs all over the country and drive our social media strategy forward for insurance. For me, social media is about connecting with people in real-time. Although the industry might determine the content, it doesn’t change the connection.”

However, Cady didn’t always make insurance fun. Previously, she worked in social media at Juice Beauty for many years. Although making the jump from beauty to insurance seems like a big change, Cady says it was more about the experience of a small versus large company.

“At a smaller, rapidly growing start-up like Juice Beauty, you wear many hats and have your hands in many projects. There is nothing sweeter than when those projects come to fruition and are successful. However, in my current role at CSAA Insurance Group, I am able to really focus on my role. I still cannot decide what I prefer, which is why I consult for local companies so I can have the best of both and learn new industries.”

In addition to managing social media for CSAA, Cady also has to make sure her best practices, skills and experience are always on point. She does this by keeping up to date with all the new and evolving social media platforms.

“It is absolutely overwhelming! I have my favorite blogs and news sources I check each day. I have to give a shout out to my amazing team of individuals from all over the country. Each one of us bring a different niche talent and interest to the table and we constantly keep each other in the loop. I attend conferences and network as much as possible both offline and online. I also have to keep my own personal channels going to stay close to everything and test out different ideas.”

Even though Cady is always hustling at work, she also makes sure to stay busy outside the office.

Cady has been a job shadow host with Junior Achievement of Northern California since 2013, where she hosts students and speaks at career days. She has also spoken to future Dominican University students about her experience being a graduate and undergraduate student at the school.

As if that’s not enough, Cady also recently started a blog to get out of her comfort zone. 

“I started to realize how uncomfortable I am with long-form communication, as in over 140 characters. So I made it a personal goal this year to keep up my writing skills and start a blog, CadyDid. I wrote my first post on International Women’s Day and I am really enjoying it. I do not have an overall theme, which makes it easy to just start writing, but my goal is to figure out what readers enjoy and make it a space for open dialogue, versus a 1:1 communication blog.”

Needless to say, Cady keeps busy sharing and honing her expertise in social media both online and offline.

As more socially-fueled generations grow up and enter the workforce, Cady has some advice for those looking to make a career of connecting with others online.

“If you have a creative spirit, want to learn every single day and enjoy connecting with people, you’re in the right spot! There are so many specialties in social media, like analytics, advertising and content creation. Find out what you enjoy, but don’t forget to roll up your sleeves and get in on the other areas. Social media is all about taking risks (often in real-time), learning from those risks and trying again. You’ll be constantly connected and it’s exhausting, so make sure you take time to disconnect and be with yourself and loved ones.”

In addition to being a Rising Pro, Cady also always makes time to have fun.

“I’m a social butterfly and love planning events and being out and about. I was a figure skater growing up and still enjoy skating and coaching during the winter season. Turning off my cell phone and disconnecting is very scary, yet also very fun for me.”  

If you’re interested in learning more and connecting with Cady, visit CadyDid, and follow her on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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