About Me: A Rising Pro

When I was in the fourth grade, my teacher told me I had the potential to be a great writer.

So it only seemed natural to get a degree in journalism/public relations when I was accepted to Chico State.

In 2010, I started this blog, which was originally called Rising PR Pro, since the content was geared toward public relations professionals. However, I decided to change it to Rising Pro so I could expand the content and target all types of professionals.

Shortly after graduating, I landed a job in marketing at Landacorp, a medical management software company in Chico, CA. When Landacorp was acquired by EXL in 2012, I moved to San Francisco to live and formally started working remotely for EXL. Then in September 2013, I moved on to MSLGROUP in San Francisco, a global PR firm, where I worked for nearly two years. Then I accepted my dream job at Salesforce where I currently work as a Keynote Events Senior Associate Manager, planning and executing events around the world, including Dreamforce.

Since graduating, I’ve been striving to make my mark. So when I’m not working, I’m blogging or reading about how to be a better professional, team member and leader. I’m also continually sharing my expertise and developing my skills. I’m the President and Professional Development Events Director on the board of Young Professionals of San Francisco (YPOSF), as well as a speaker, mentor and event volunteer at Dress for Success of San Francisco. Read more about my current work and background here.

But I’m not all about business  I love trying new restaurants and bars around SF, wine tasting throughout California, playing volleyball, hitting the Yoga/Pilates mat, planning my next getaway, taking long walks, spending a day at the beach and cooking with friends.

So here it is, my attempt to make my mark in the world with the Rising Pro blog in hopes of inspiring all types of pros to stay passionate and always keep rising in their careers.


One thought on “About Me: A Rising Pro

  1. Linz

    You’re too much. Great blog! I checked it out. Not sure if I totally agree with all your perceptions but I don’t have to. They are your perceptions not mine, especially the perception to be secretly jealous of someone without a job or a stay at home mom. One piece of advice. Be careful what you wish for. Never lose sight that having a sense of purpose in life is essential and one of the keys to eternal happiness.

    Also remember all work is not just a job or something that is taking you away from life. I for one love my job and don’t think about retiring or what it would be like not to work so that I could spend more time with friends, travel, and/or doing a hundred other things. I seem to make time for all those things and work and feel very fulfilled. My slogan at work is “If we’re not having fun then we’re doing something wrong”.

    I look at my life’s work as a major accomplishment in my life and it makes me feel proud. My job is not just about a sense of purpose but a sense of greater purpose because I’m helping people and I’m helping the earth. God had his hand in wanting this to be a purpose for my life and by God I’m going to do the job to best of my ability as long as I live and enjoy every second of it.

    It seems like as we go through life we find people that are never satisfied with their life, work, friends, etc. There are those who are always searching for something more or something that someone else has. I say be thankful for what you have and if you desire more than work for it. Don’t expect change to fall out of the sky or that one of these days you are going to win the Lotto and not have to worry ever again.

    When it comes to friends, family, and other personal relationships, remember, if you expect someone to change then you can’t tell them how to be or how to live their lives. But you can change. As you change people around you can’t help be affected by the changes you make in your life often causing them to change under their own free will.

    Once again, I enjoyed your writings. You are always so insightful.


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