Frequently Asked Questions About Rising Pro

What is the Rising Pro blog about?

Rising Pro is a career development blog written by Lindsay Casale, a marketing and public relations professional in her 20s living and working in San Francisco. The Rising Pro blog features career advice, professional development strategies and profiles rising professionals in hopes of inspiring its readers to always keep rising in their careers. The blog is mainly geared toward ambitious new grads and young professionals across various industries.

What is a Rising Pro?

A Rising Pro is a professional that is always looking for ways to excel in their career. Regardless of their age or experience level, they are constantly seeking opportunities to advance, make new connections, expand their skill set and also help others rise in their careers. Lindsay highlights the seven main attributes of a Rising Pro in a past post here.

What is the history behind the Rising Pro blog?

The Rising Pro blog started in 2010, while Lindsay was gearing up to graduate from Chico State with a degree in journalism, emphasis in public relations. The blog was originally called Rising PR Pro, and the content was more focused on being a young PR professional. In 2011, she changed the name to Rising Pro and expanded the content to target all types of rising professionals. Since starting Rising Pro, Lindsay’s posts have been featured on BlogHer, and she continues to publish content regularly, inspiring and connecting with professionals from all over the world. Learn more about Lindsay here.

Is Lindsay paid to write the Rising Pro blog or mention entities in her posts?

The Rising Pro blog is Lindsay’s passion project. She writes this blog with the intention of helping professionals rise in their career. She is not compensated in any way for writing this blog or mentioning events, organizations, books, products or professionals. All of the views and opinions expressed on this blog are her own.

Does Rising Pro accept guest blog posts?

Absolutely. If you would like to contribute to Rising Pro, submit your idea here. If your post topic seems like a good fit, she will work with you to get your insights featured on Rising Pro.

Can I submit a post topic idea?

Yes, you can submit a post idea directly on the blog here. If the topic fits with the blog’s overall theme and has not been covered in the past, Lindsay will consider writing a post based on the submitted topic.

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